Previous posts in this series (see Dreaming of a Home, Working with Faye and On the Road to a New Home) covered the process for hiring and working together during the start of the project and the initial design phase.

After the initial design phase where you have worked out the general floor plan (see On the Road to a New Home), Faye will then give you more detailed drawings that illustrate other aspects of the design that include exact size and scale of rooms and major materials and room finishes.  These detailed drawings and specifications will be used by the builder to establish your construction costs.

If you haven’t already, this is the time you will select and hire the builder.  If you wish, Faye will give you recommendations or help you in the process of requesting and reviewing bids from a few builders.

After you have selected a builder you have everything in place to begin construction! Your builder will let you know when they have the crew and materials in place to begin the project.  After construction begins, Faye will assist you in making sure your home is being built according to your design and and specifications. She will make regular site visits to observe construction, review and approve the contractor’s application for payment, and generally keep the homeowner informed of the project’s progress.

Once the construction of your home is well underway, you will see the designs take shape and your dream of a custom home will be right in front of you!