In the previous posts in this series (see Dreaming of a Home and Working with Faye)  we covered what the process is for hiring Faye Crowe Architect — now we move on to the fun stuff!   After we are under contract, we will start creating the drawing of your new home or renovation, called the floor plans and elevations.

Example of a floor plan

Whether you are starting from scratch, or you have already done an initial set of drawings on the back of an envelope, Faye will take your ideas and put them into the computer. There will probably be many discussions and changes during this process as you work through details such as the kitchen size, number of windows, stair locations, etc.

This process is broken up into two phases – the Schematic Design Phase, and the Design Development Phase.

elevation example

Example of an elevation

During the Schematic Design Phase, Faye will work out the scale and relationship of the project components for you to approve.  Then, during the Design Development Phase, she will create drawings and other documents to fix and describe the size and character of the entire project as to structural, mechanical, and electrical systems materials and such other essentials as may be appropriate.

It will also be during these phases that either you or Faye (as dictated by your contract) will arrange for any required surveys or soils testing.  While this process often happens before a builder is selected, this is a very good time to involve the builder if possible.  (See the next post in this series where we discuss the builder and engineers.)

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