Traditionally an architect is hired after the property or lot has been purchased.  But, what if you selected and hired your architect first?  This is a very different approach with many benefits.  Instead of making the home fit the property – it is selecting the property that meets all your needs.

Your Needs Many Include:

  1. Location
  2. Lifestyle
  3. Accessibility
  4. Size of Home
  5. Additional Structures or Buildings
  6. Environmental

An architect will offer a completely different set of services and skills verses a real-estate agent.   The agent will have all the facts and figures about the land.  An experienced architect will be able to offer insight based on the buyer’s goals, desires and needs.

With both the understanding of your home requirements and property requirements, the architect will offer valuable recommendations on the following:

  • How the land will enhance the design and style of the home
  • How to take advantage of views
  • How to incorporate the natural elements into the design
  • How the property will support a foundation and elevation of the home
  • How drainage or wetlands may impact the positioning of the home

The architect’s recommendations do not replace the land survey.  The survey is a legally required step in the process that confirms and adds additional considerations for the project. Below are 4 examples of the information included in the survey.

  • BOUNDARY LINES AND CORNERS OF PROPERTY – the location of boundary lines and other lines of occupancy or possession is a critical piece of information to have before you build a fence, add a sunroom or pave your driveway
  • RIGHTS-OF-WAY, EASEMENTS, AND ABANDONED ROADS – all the conditions imposed by law that are reflected in the property’s title report and other agreements.
  • PONDS, RIVERS, CREEKS, STREAMS, WELLS, AND LAKES – visible or surface waters and underground waters and wetlands.
  • WATER, ELECTRIC, GAS, TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH PIPES, DRAINS, WIRES, CABLES, VAULTS, MANHOLE COVERS, CATCH BASINS, LINES, AND POLES – the exact location of underground utilities is critical before any excavation or construction begins.

So, if you or someone you know is looking for property to build a custom home, consider including your architect in the process.  It will add to the over all program of the project and enhance the final product – a home that fits the property and property that support the design and style.

Contact me to discuss the options available to you when selecting your property.

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