Special features on the exterior of a home draws interest and highlights the uniqueness of the design.  This home has many subtle features that enhance the total look and feel. The garage door, with its contrasting color, is the primary feature.  It is also used on other building on the property to tie it all together.

This color was chosen early on in the project.  As the owner and I were walking the property and inspecting the old buildings, we discovered this green color used as an accent color throughout the old homestead.  It was a very distinct color that caught both of our eyes and we knew it was the right color to incorporate into the project.

As the design and plans were coming together and the details were being defined, the green color was revisited.  It become obvious that the garage door was the right place to use this color. I felt a sublet accent was appropriate for the front of the house.

The key design elements of the garage door:

A Custom Wood Insulated Door – the plan was to create the look of an old, manually opened door that is a fully functional electric overhead door.

The Wood – the wood on the door is the same wood used on the exterior soffits around the veranda and on the interior.

The Style  – of the door fits into the historic southern Colorado ranch style.

The Original Buildings – were preserved on the ranch.  It was important that the new structures blend with the old homestead building.

Once the details of the garage door were worked out, next came the accents to the other buildings.  It was important to find the right location on each building that was subtle… yet standout and tie the buildings together with a design and color element.

Special features, both on the exterior and interior, are key to creating a unique and custom design. When done correctly, they add to the style of the home without being a distraction and over-powering the overall beauty.

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